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Agendas and Minutes 2018

Ferring Parish Council has adopted a structure of Committees, with the Council’s Chairman and Vice-Chairman being ex officio to all. The Committees make recommendations to Full Council which is the decision making body. 
The Committee structure is as follows:
Environment Amenities & Footpaths
Concerned with the environmental amenities within the village such as footpaths, trees, bus shelters, verges and amenity areas and working with the Local Authorities on their maintenance. The Council’s allotments are the responsibility of this Committee.
Finance & General Purposes
This Committee is responsible for the Annual Budget (the Precept) for the Parish, Audit & Banking procedures. It oversees all financial matters related to leases, insurance, employment and Parish Procedures. It also deals with all items relating to Council Policy and such matters as the Council may determine.
Highways and Community 
This Committee is responsible for general community issues in the village. It is also responsible for the management of the Glebelands Recreation Ground which is leased from Arun District Council which also maintains the site. Ferring Tennis and Football Clubs have representation on this Committee.
The Committee also monitors all roads within the Parish in relation to safety, parking, speeding and related matters. It liaises with District and County Councils on forthcoming projects and improvements and maintains a close interest in drainage matters within the Village.
The Planning Committee is responsible for putting forward the Parish’s comments and recommendations on local planning issues to Arun District Council. This is a decision making committee.
Neighbourhood Plan Implementation (including 3 x CRTBO’s)
This Committees responsibility is to support and consider any matters in relation to the Ferring Neighbourhood Plan and to support and consider any matters in relation to the Ferring Community Right to Build Orders.
  • Land at the current allotment site
  • Land at village hall site
  • Community Centre at the Glebelands 


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